43 percent of Kenyans do not support BBI, 21 percent support it -Opinion Poll

Raila led Building Bridges Initiative, a product of the famous handshake between the President and the ODM leader is still unpopular, with many Kenyans not keen in supporting the proposal should it receive greenlight paving way for the referendum. This is according to the poll finding conducted by Radio Africa.

The BBI process spearheaded by President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga since their handshake in 2017 is said to be a solution to many challenges that have continued to face Kenya in every electioneering period, with the Orange leader adding that BBI will unite a divided country, empower county governments as more resources will be channeled down to the local mwananchi.

However, if the current outcome of the polls is anything to go by, then the BBI proponents have every reason to get worried, change tact and do everything to ensure the ‘Doubted Thomases’ which appear to be the majority make an about turn and embrace the report.

The Radio Africa Group initiated poll found that 43 percent of Kenyans do not support the Building Bridges Initiative compared to 21 percent who do support BBI, with the report further revealing that there is a potentially high swing vote in the remaining 25 percent, who according to the finding that they do not know much about BBI.

The findings comes out few weeks after President Uhuru hosted his Mt. Kenya leadership at the Sagana State Lodge to root for BBI. While appealing to his Mt Kenya backyard to support the Building Bridges Initiative, the Head of State rubbished off the perception created by the anti BBI bandwagon that it was about supporting a specific person while undermining the other.

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