In a message Kenyans during this year’s Mashujaa Day celebrations, president Kenyatta lifted a nationwide curfew on Wednesday that has been in place since March 2020 to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

In a televised address to Kenyans president Kenyatta appreciated citizens for adhering to the COVID-19  protocols, which has helped ease the rate of infection, Kenya has so far recorded 252,199 infections since the pandemic was recorded and 5,233 COVID-19 deaths, this is according to the Ministry of health data.

with the country having received 7.5 million doses of vaccines so far and 4.5 million people have had at least one dose, thd president has said that infection rates had fallen, with less than 5% of tests each day proving positive.

“It is now time to shift our focus from survival to co-existing with the disease,” he said in a televised address to mark a national holiday.

He said congregations attending churches and other religious institutions could rise to two thirds of capacity, up from a third previously, although everyone should still adhere to other rules, such as wearing facemasks.

The president’s announcement was received with celebrations, and mixed reactions especially from bar operators, who didn’t know whether their bars have also been given a green light to operate in 24 hours or not, as the presidential directive didn’t say anything about bars, restaurants and night clubs.

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