Che’s Bay Resort: Home Away from Home

Che’s Bay Resort has continued to grow since its inception a year ago, establishing itself as one of the most sort after holiday destinations for visitor, students and tourists and thus opening up the entire western region as the perfect tourist destination apart from the traditional coastal region.

‘Magical Che’s’ as its popularly known is easily one of the most breathtaking places in Kenya at the moment, Sandwiched in between the picturesque Singwe and Mwita Fubu Hills in Busia County along Lake Victoria, Che’s Bay’s location is truly a heaven on earth, a perfect home away from home destination for people from all walks of life, a sheltered haven with stunning view of the famous lake and the beautiful islands surrounding it, including Sigulu island on the Ugandan side and Sumba island in the Kenyan waters.

At Che’s Bay you can always be guaranteed excellent services, right from the fun boat cruises aboard St Helena and Che’s cruise through the sheltered and calmy waters of Che’s Bay, the hikes and picnicking through the hills of Singwe, Mwita Fubu literally makes you fly, a perfect place for photography, wedding among other things, Che’s Bay guarantees you an experience worth remembering.


What makes Che’s Bay even more splendid is the fact that its the Home of the International Isambo Beach Carnival, a unique international December festival on the shores of Lake Victoria in Busia County that celebrates cultural fusion, people to people diplomacy and the blue economy while showcasing the Lake Basin as a magnet for sports, cultural and nature tourism.

The festival hosted at the magical Che’s promotes harmony of the cultures of the world, also celebrating the Kenyan Diaspora who flock back home from across the length and breadth of this world just to share the festive season with their Kenyan relatives.

You can reach the management through their website which is or the mobile number which is
+254 722 470 946

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