Scintillating, Smooth operator and highly strategic is what can best be described of the former director of Digital Communication at the Office of the President, a former president Uhuru’s asset turned critic and now the digital guru prides self as a hustler nation spokesperson.

From his bold updates, touching on governance, graft, politics with some exposing about powerful government individuals otherwise seen as untouchable, its quite clear that Itumbi has become a thorn in the flesh for government and state operatives, and thus living up to his tag as the Hustlers nation’s spokesperson.

He has proved over time through his posts and tweets to be highly effective, instrumental and trustworthy when churning out those updates. Bytheway, most of what he posts is either truth, half truth or cooked, that’s what politics is all about. Saying the truth, half truth or having your audience believe what you are putting across, as nothing else but the truth.

His Hustler Nation Intelligence Bureau alias HNIB has established itself as the sole Tangatanga faction’s mouthpiece and DP Ruto’s number one digital defender by churning out hard hitting updates infavour of his faction, elevating DP Ruto’ image as he discredit president Uhuru led government, he takes on state operatives heads on with no fear and favour, something that has won a million more followers and foes at the same time.

Love or hate him, Dennis Itumbi has written a name for himself in kenya’s national politics, curved his own niche which has seen his ‘market value’ rise even further, a person each politician would want to have in his camp as the nation gears itself for the forthcoming 2022 General elections.

In a short period of time, little known former KIMC journalism student has risen to become one of the most sought after communication strategist cum propagandist in this country and continues to live by the pen, as he does what needs to be done, making them believe in everything he says as absolute truth.

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