Supporters allied to Deputy president William Ruto are up in arms after the General Service Unit guard protecting the DP’s official residence in Karen, Nairobi and his rural Sugoi home was removed on Thursday in unclear circumstances and replaced by the Administration Police.

His supporters see this as a scheme by the national government operatives to scuttle his plans of ascending to presidency once president Uhuru’s term expires, and have come out to publicly condemn the national government, by claiming that the deputy president’s life might be in danger as a result.

The deputy president’s communications secretary David Mugonyi said they have not received any explanation of the change of guard which he says has been extended to all of Ruto’s residences.

“This morning, the Deputy President was briefed by the security officer in charge of General Service Unit attached to his official residence in Karen that he had received verbal instructions to withdraw all GSU officers effective 2.00pm,” said Mugonyi in a statement.

“The withdrawal extends to all of His Excellency’s residences. At this stage, no explanation has been offered for the strange and unlawful decision. The decision has been made contrary to Police Service Standing Orders, Chapter 8 Section 5(e), that the GSU commandant shall be responsible for security of the President, the Deputy President, State houses and lodges.”“The office of the Deputy President has formally written to the Inspector General of Police, seeking an official explanation on this matter and reasons for the breach of security,” he said.

The security withdrawal comes against the backdrop of a fallout and breakdown in the relationship between the Deputy President and President Uhuru Kenyatta, and as days go, the two leaders rift continues to widen apart.

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