“Let’s protect the environment as if we are caring for our own eyes and life ” These were the words of one of the Chinese Presidents to the lawmakers from Eastern Jiangxi Province. This statement appears obvious and common when looked at superficially,but when given deep introspection and keen eye, it carries with it a lot of weight and meaning.


Literally, we use our eyes to see all that happens around us,therefore, Would not allow them to be obliterated or interfered with. Any attempt to have them tampered with always brings fear to us and ignites resistance towards the attempt.We protect our eyes because we want to see always and remain in perfect shape as our maker created us without deformity.

Life is God- given, therefore sacred and divine. We love our lives so much that at the mention of the inevitable , which’s death, We freeze and some even wish to run away from death. Even a person on a deathbed , a person at the brink of moribundity, always wish to get into remission and wish for speedy recovery.

This explains how much we love and care for our lives. Protecting them even to the last drop of blood ! Because we want to enjoy it to the peak before the final call comes. In the same vein , I would like to broach a subject on environmental negligence by asking this question , why don’t we protect and conserve our mother nature in equal measure the same way we do ourselves ?
Those who live in low-class or downscale areas and their only possession, is a grass-thatched hut, a minuscule compound and a tamed dog , will always wake up and sweep their hut and compound clean before embarking on their daily hussle.

This is no exception, when you cross to the upscale,flamboyant , and poshest homes. Homes exuding affluence,with mansions, home on wheel cars and prodigious compounds. Oftenly, these homes have workers mowing,lawning and watering the lush green compunds. A clear indication that we love ourselves and the immediate environment within which we reside. Why don’t we use the same bushels of energy to care and protect our environment ?

I have come to believe that,there is a likelihood or a correlation between reduced lifespan and a noisome,filthy, stinking and dirty environment. This correlation is in the form of increased maladies being experienced today. It’s clearer than crystal that, it is from the very environment that we get oxygen for respiration, water for both domestic and industrial uses, Soil upon which we cultivate and grow our crops and erect our shelters in the form of houses. It’ s from mother nature that we get the intrinsic and aesthetic value attached to it without the succor of man.

So, if all we are engaged in now ,is to pollute the air ,water ,soil and all the other components that make up our environment, what do we expect in return, if not the wrath of mother nature not in any other form ,but in the form of lethal diseases. Respiratory diseases due to inhalation of contaminated air, air full of dust and dirty particles. Water-borne diseases caused by contamination of our water bodies and other chemicals that end up in water. This by extension leads to biomagnification and bioaccumulation in fish ,which end up in our system with such metals as lead ,asbestos that are a huge menace with regard to cancer. Chemicals get into the soil and ultimately into the crops we use as food. We end up succumbing to many diseases due to our ignorance of the importance of environment. Sometimes , we are faced with vagaries of nature that lead to untimely demise of many people.

These include floods,drought as a result of desertification ,tornadoes etc ,catastrophes highly linked to anthropogenic activities putting strain on the environment. We can reverse this by simply looking at ourselves ,our bodies , our houses ,our familes ,our friends as our environment and hence working 24/7 to care and protect it. At the end of it all,it is you to discern and aquiesce with my line of thought or disagree with it.
I have not said anything new, i have written about the kind of things we do, feel and think about.

” Tomorrow a stranger will say with masterly good sense precisely what we have thought and felt all the time ”
Ralph Waldo Emerson ( essay on Self Reliance )

Authour: Larry Abara, Environmentalist/ Ecologist

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