Ezekiel Mutua and Jackson Kibor to spearhead this year’s Men’s conference

Men’s conference 2020 is around the corner and everything looks set for the second ever ‘Men’s conference’. The first Men’s conference took place in Eldoret last yer with controversial farmer and politician from Uasin Gishu County Mzee Jackson Kibor giving a Keynote address at the Men’s only conference.

While addressing the conference held at Noble Hotel in Eldoret, Mr Kibor, 85, urged men to be firm, non-violent but not to be easily swayed by their women, saying that he has always advocated for men being strong and able to defend their rights even when they are old.

This year’s conference promises to be even more lively with Kenya’s Moral Cop Dr. Ezekiel Mutua endorsing it as a step in the right direction for the boy child. Dr. Mutua via his Facebook post also confirmed that he will give a keynote speech at the event scheduled for February 2020.

“I have received a proposal from the organizers of the Men’s Conference 2020 to fund and give the Keynote Speech at the event scheduled for February 14th this year and by my authority as Kenya’s Moral Cop, initiate the process of abolishing the Valentine’s Day and replace it with a more Kenyan-centric cultural theme.” Said Dr. Mutua.

According to Dr. Mutua, The conference is under the banner: “The Role and Place of Man in Society: Reclaiming the lost Glory” and seeks to fortify the important place of man as head of the family. It comes against the backdrop of the diminishing authority of the boy child in Kenya and the un-African attempt by women to “play men” to the detriment of Africa’s culture.

Many experts have observe that in the last few years, there has been a growing feeling that after decades of empowering women and girls, boys have been left behind and thus there’s an urgent need for a boy child to be empowered or else they will not grow into the Men they are supposed to be and wont live up to what is expected from them.

“A lot of pressure has been unduly put on men, including the recent Twa Twa craze, with the resultant decline in self-confidence and self-esteem, leading to depression and suicide in some cases, as reported in sections of the media. We must “rescue men” and guide them to be men in their homes and areas of influence. One of the sub-themes at the proposed conference is “Gather All, Scatter None”. We shall teach men how to love their wives and provide for their families.” Dr. Mutua added in his legthy Facebook post.


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