Fish from Lake Nakuru not fit for human Consumption

The Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute has warned Kenyans against consuming fish from Lake. Victoria and thus banning consumption of fish from the Lake.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture Tilapia and other fish from Lake Nakuru are poisonous and unfit for human consumption following reports that the fish started rotting three hours after they were caught and thus the research institute said that consumption of fish from the said Lake will have serious health effects on consumers.


Agriculture Chief Administrative Secretary Lina Jebii Kilimo while presiding over fingerlings restocking at Lake. Naivasha said that the research conducted by the Marine and Fisheries Research Institute on samples of the fish drawn from Lake Nakuru indicated the presence of chemical elements that may be poisonous if consumed, citing heavy pollution as the main cause.

She also said that the government was planning to involve the Kenya Coast Guards to help manage and control activities on lake Nakuru, to ensure a stop on illegal fishing, smuggling, over fishing, unwanted fishing equipments among other things

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