Foreign Ministry Leaving nothing to Chance in Aiding the Government’s efforts against the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ever since the confirmation of the first coronavirus case in the country, the Kenyan Government through the Ministry of Health has continued to outline new steps and measures in fight against coronavirus, directives that if fully complied with will lead to eventual reduction and neutralization of the COVID-19.

As the government continue putting forth important measures to contain the spread of COVID-19, various Ministries, Private Companies and State Departments are also helping in enforcing Government’s directive and are internally taking measure towards reducing further spread of the Virus.

One such Ministry that has put in place facilities and personnel to cushion its staff, clients and the general public from the coronavirus and help counter the spread of COVID- 19 is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a spot check at the Ministry’s headquarters is proof that Kenya’s highly sensitive ministry is taking no chances in the fight against a global pandemic that has continued to cause havoc globally.

Usually human’s body temperature is supposed to be between 36–37 degrees Celsius and thus any temperature over 38 is always classified as a fever, and hence raises a red alert for a possible corona case. The isolation holding tent in the meantime is available at the Foreign Affairs Ministry to cater for those whose temperature reads above 38 degrees Celsius as they wait to be taken to either Mbagathi or KNH treatment facilities for further medical screening to ascertain whether they are infected with  COVID-19 or not.

The preparedness by the Foreign Affairs Ministry shows a very vital role it is playing and its contributinon to the national’s efforts in a bid to protect all Kenyans against the virus and make the country a COVID – 19 free nation.

CAS Hon Ababu Namwamba, EGH and Chair of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Standing Committee on Emergency Response while officially unveiling the MFA screening exercise, today said that the Ministry was not leaving anything to chance in aiding the national Government’s efforts against the COVID-19 Pandemic.

CAS Ababu directed Ministry staff to adhere to the Ministry of Health’s directive and avoid non essential travels, he also urged members of public to adhere to the Government’s directives, stay home for their own safety and avoid unnecessary movement, challenging the general public to always remember to Sanitize themselves as an effective away of keeping the coronavirus away .

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