Former Machachari actor Ian Nene popularly known as Almasi comes clean on his sexuality

Former Machachari actor Ian Nene popularly known as Almasi has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. and he has since addressed the sensitive topic of his sexuality.

When asked Ever about his sexuality courtesy of his strange and controversial dressing, he has always responded daringly and with no fear on his life choices. He has become accustomed to criticism and once in a while he will lash out at his haters.

While addressing the topic during an interactive session with his fans on Instagram, Ian was asked by a fan what his opinion on sexuality is and his response was,

“My personal opinion is as long as you are not harming anyone and as long as you are doing your own thing. You are expressing yourself in proper, clean fashion then all is good. I don’t like being put in a box and boxes don’t work for me. The only thing I can say about myself is that I am a servant of the people.” Almasi said.

He further added that at times people want to read to much into his fashion statements and there is no box one can put me in. ”When I love, I love and I love in a proper and respectful way. I do not love in a sexual way I love in a mood of service and that is something I have come to learn about my spiritual life.” Added Almasi

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