The government has yet again extended curfew by another 30 days, dashing the hopes of many Kenyans were hoping that the country will fully be opened as the nation heads into the festive season. Health CS Mutahi Kagwe announced that containment measures will remain in place for the next 60 days.

“The containment measures including the curfew hours of 10 pm to 4 am will remain there and this is for two reasons, number one is that we are still as far as the positivity rate is concerned we are still above the WHO recommended figures in terms of two weeks period when you have got less than 5 per cent of positivity rate at a high testing level,” Kagwe said.

CS Kangwe also added that part of the reason for curfew extension is that the government and stakeholders need 30 days and extend the time to so that it can vaccinate as many people during that period as possible, further saying that after vaccination is when the government can be able to fully open the economy.

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe also said that the country is yet to hit the World Health Organisation recommended positivity rate of five per cent for a consistent period of 14 days.


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