Is Fwamba NC Fwamba eying Nairobi County’s top seat?

Fwamba Nc Fwamba is not a new name in City politics having vied for different seats in the City. Mr Fwamba has been described by his friends as a smart, hardworking and a superb political strategist who has worked for, campaigned and dined with the ‘high and mighty’ political elites, establishing himself as a smart political figure in Kenya.

He has glittered politically since his days as the Student Leader at the University of Nairobi. The city’s top political operative is not stopping anytime soon as he has eyes set on an even bigger task ahead, the Nairobi County Governorship post.

He has been strategic in the recent days as he seeks to become Nairobi’s third Governor, setting in place machinery to tilt Nairobi’s political mindset while also challenging the Status Quos. Mr. Fwamba has been reaching out to key leaders in Nairobi from both communities that reside in the city and he is seen as the brand new face that is neither tainted nor corrupt.

The Former Student Leader is aiming to capture the Nairobi County CEO’s seat in 2022 after Governor Sonko’s tenure comes to an end and with a strong political networks that he established over the years, he really is ready to take up the mantle as the Next Nairobi Governor.

The entry of Mr. Fwamba into the Nairobi race is something to be applauded as he resonates well with the young people who are the vast majority in a county that at the moment faces a lot of challenges.

His aggressive political acumen and understanding of the city’s politics is also a boost for him and thus it gives him an advantage over the others.



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