Popular Kenyan Comedian Felix Odiwuor also known as Jalang’o, has come out clear and opened up over the allegations that he is involved in the washwash business.

According to controversial blogger Edgar Obare, Jalang’o was mentioned among the many Kenyans involved in scaming unsuspecting Kenyans, a business popularly known as washwash and thus the comedian defended himself over allegations that he makes his money through wash wash business.

Taking to Kiss 100 on Monday, Jalang’o said he was saddened that his name was being tainted and added that never thought one day someone would question his integrity and how he makes his money.

He went ahead and said that he has never stolen from anyone nor has he ever gotten involved in any fraudulent deals that are illegal. Adding that he can account for any shilling and property he has amassed saying they are all products of his hard work.

He said that apart from the radio job which is his first hustle, he has other investments that pay him well.

“I run a media agency where I have employed 20 people and I pay them well on taxable and pensionable terms,” he said.

He added: “On top of that, I am a brand ambassador of top five brands and they all pay me very well.”

He urged Kenyans to ignore people who are out there to tarnish his good name.

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