Kenya received an additional 252,000 doses of the Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccines on Wednesday, to push the tally the single shot vaccine so far received to 389,600. 

The vaccines were received by Ministry of Health officials led by Dr Willis Akhwale who chairs the vaccine task force. “Today with this delivery we 389, 600 doses of the 13 M that we are expecting, we are hoping to receive more doses of J&J,” Dr. Akhwale said on Wednesday. 

“We have recommended  it be deployed in hard to reach areas where they can have difficulty  in coming for the second dose,” The single-shot vaccines will accelerate the numbers of those fully vaccinated, with Kenya hoping to vaccinate at least 10 million adults by December. 

At the same time, the MoH expressed concern with the low uptake of Vaccines especially in counties with large populations particularly Kakamega,Bungoma and Homabay.

The Ministry urged Kenyans to get vaccinated, especially given the predictions of a fifth wave.So far, 4 million doses of assorted vaccines have been administered countrywide. Kenya is working towards vaccinating a targeted population of 27,246,033; as of October 4, a total of 3,935,671 vaccines had been administered across the country. 

Of these, 2,988,128 were partially vaccinated while those fully vaccinated were 947,543. The uptake of the second dose among those who received their first dose was at 31.7%. Proportion of adults fully vaccinated was 3.5%.

Kenya expects to receive more doses of the AstraZeneca vaccines on Friday. 

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