Lwang’ni beach, Kisumu’s popular fish eating spot demolished

Kisumu’s popular fish eating spot, Lwang’ni beach where locals and tourists throng to eat fish has been demolished, following an eviction notice from Kenya Railways.

Traders who arrived at their premises on Wednesday morning for the usual business, were shocked to find their shops flattened following an eviction notice from Kenya Railways.

According to the locals, Bulldozers descended on the kiosks on Tuesday night and were still on site the next morning. Those affected are those whose eateries were on Akamba Line and Lwang’ni Beach adjacent to the shores of Lake Victoria.

“You are therefore given one month notice to vacate your business out of Kenya Railways land to pave way for revitalisation, expansion and operation of the Kisumu Port,” the notice from KR acting managing director Philip read

The notice cited a short lease and temporary occupation license that said: “Either party may terminate this agreement/term of lease at any time during subsistence of the tenancy by giving one month notice in writing.”

Over the years, complaints of overpriced have rocked the lakeside city of Kisumu with Lwang’ni as one of the top spots for inflated prices of fish.

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