Marini Naturals Founder Michele Ntalami in trouble for Snatching Someone’s Girlfriend.

Marini Naturals Founder Michele Ntalami in trouble, after she was alleged to have cheated and Snatched Someone’s Girlfriend.Marini Naturals CEO Michelle Ntalami has been highlighted for allegedly being in love drama with Tahidi High actress Makena Njeri.  Makena Njeri trended for the better part of Tuesday after being blasted for allegedly cheating on her girlfriend with Michele Ntalami.

Away from the scandal, Makena is a face many have come to know and love as she is a famed actress, TV producer and director by profession

Michelle Ntalami, who describes herself as the most sought after young, successful and self-made entrepreneurs in Kenya and Africa is the founder of Marini Naturals.

In dramatic photos  as seen by Uhondo News which also trended on twitter, the drama unfolds, exposing that many “Successful” and boss-ladies are leading lesbian lifestyle as they spread their toxic feminism against men.

The post that went viral includes Makena’s white Mercedez Benz with spray paint on the door and hood. The poorly written “Makena Cheater” A clearly an angry reaction to what some suspect to be Makena’ jilted lover revenging for a love she feels was snatched away from her. Crazy, isn’t it ?

When reached out to confirm or deny the allegations about the story doin round, Makena’Njeri, The Tahidi High actress seemed unaware, and wondered how  the rumors could be related to her.

“I do not know what you people are talking about.” Makena responded back when contacted by Capital FM’s The Sauce

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