The National Assembly’s Education and Research Committee held a meeting with the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development this week on the progress in the continued rollout of CBC.

The committee led by Chairperson Florence Mutua appreciated the manner in which KICD was discharging its mandate especially with regard to the architecture of the CBC.

However, the MPs brought to the attention of KICD the adverse reactions that have been circulated in social media portraying CBC as an expensive undertaking.

The Committee observed that the issues being raised by stakeholders risk derailing the gains made in the implementation of the CBC.

Consequently, the MPs advised KICD to retreat and address the issues raised by the committee, which included the issuance of clear guidelines to schools, teachers and parents on how assignments and homework should be handled to enhance effective curriculum delivery.

The Committee also advised KICD to scale up response mechanisms to positively influence public perceptions on CBC.

KICD has also been asked to address the issues concerning learning resources.

The institute has been asked to ensure the curriculum benefits all learners including those in rural and marginalised areas.

Further, a scale up on teacher trainings to sharpen the skills of teachers in the interpretation of the CBC was mentioned as key.

The Committee decided that Education stakeholders among them TSC, KICD and Treasury need to quickly reconvene and have a serious dialogue and find out where they are all at in the rollout, the challenges of how to overhaul the curriculum in line with CBC up to University level as well as TvET, infrastructure clarity more so on the junior secondary and training of more teachers among others.

The Committee assured KICD of their full support in the implementation but they should listen to the views of the public and guide and or advise accordingly.

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