MPs Silvanus Osoro and Simba Arati exchange blows at a funeral Service in Kisii

What was to be an otherwise peaceful funeral ceremony to send off DG Joash Maangi’s father turned chaotic after two honorable legislators saw it wise to exchange blows to the mourners’ surprise.

This all happened on Monday afternoon, during the funeral ceremony of Mr. Abel Gongera-,the father to Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi. Trouble begun when Simba Arati in part of speech castigated DP ruto, accusing him of walking with conmen and thieves in the name of Kisii leaders.

Something that didnt go well with Legislator Sylvanus Osoro among other supporters of the Deputy President who stormed the stage, snatched the microphone Mr. Arati, the function came to a halt momentarily after legislators Simba Arati and Sylvanus Osoro exchanged blows before the police were forced to intervene and ensured normalcy.

The scuffle forced the funeral ceremony attended by both Deputy president William Ruto and former Premier Raila Odinga into a stand-still as Kisii Governor James Ongwae attempted to bring calm.

Reports say the outspoken Dagoretti North MP had attacked the DP Ruto, and his hustler movement team, something that didnt go well with his supporters wha in turn booed him as others charged at him

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