Nairobi Deputy Governor Anne Kananu replaces Speaker Benson Mutura as acting governor

Nairobi Deputy Governor Anne Kananu has replaced house Speaker Benson Mutura as acting governor as she awaits her swearing in. Mr. Mutura who has been acting as the city’s chief officially handed over the instruments of power to the new Deputy Governor Anne Kananu Mwenda, as she awaits her swearing in.

The handing over of the instruments of power comes just few days after Ms. ANN Kananu was vetted by a select committee of the city county and sworn in as the Deputy Governor few hours later in a move that caught the country by surprise.

Ben Mutura, the City County Speaker was holding fort in the absence of the County CEO following Governor Mike Sonko’s impeachment on 17th December, 2020. Ms. Kananu will now serve as the acting Nairobi Governor until the Assumption of Office Committee seats to complete the process of getting her sworn in officially as the governor

“I feel honoured to have served in this position. Now that my time to leave has come, I thank the Almighty God for the opportunity,” Mutura told the media on Monday while handing over the instruments of power to madam Kananu

“I am not a politician, and I will not start being one. I’m focused on bringing a new spirit of cooperation, collaboration, partnership, and mutual respect with all organs of gov’t. Nairobi is now back on course,” Kananu said as she received the instruments of power.

Madam Anne Kananu Mwenda was on Friday sworn-in as Nairobi County’s third deputy governor following a quick confirmation process by MCA’s. she was the Nairobi Disaster Management and Coordination chief office.

The Deputy Governor’s office has been vacant since Polycarp Igathe resigned in January 2018, citing differences between him and the Gov. Mike Sonko.

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