Controversial businesswoman Joyce Akinyi arrested with seize 2kgs of heroin

Police in Nairobi have arrested controversial businesswoman Joyce Akinyi and a Congolese man in Nairobi West with seize 2kgs of heroin in a suspected drug trafficking syndicate.

The two were arrested after police seized two kilogrammes of heroin.

Ms Akinyi has led controversial lifestyle, and has been a regular visitor of the courts on drug trafficking related charges

She was once involved in multiple public spats with her former husband, Nigerian businessman Antony Chinedu, who was suspected of drug trafficking.

The couple fought protracted legal and physical battles over the control of their properties in the city, estimated to be worth billions of shillings.

She was also the subject of a sensational love triangle pitting Budalangi MP Raphael Wanjala against Mr Chinedu.


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