President Uhuru Kenyatta is most likely to endorse former prime minister and ODM Leader Raila Odinga, going by the recent events where the president’s men have been seen around ODM leader. With some event speaking of a Raila Presidency.

The ODM leader who has greatly benefit as a result of a rift between the president and his deputy is giving his final push for the presidential seat in 2022, and has also sought the services of President Uhuru’s top strategists in a bid to make his chances realistic.

While addressing a gathering in Kibra on Wednesday and accompanied by Raila Odinga, President Uhuru hinted, giving the clearest signal he might be backing ODM leader as his preferred successor.

President Kenyatta said that he wanted a tried and tested individual who would continue with his development plans after he exits in 2022, praising the ODM leader for accepting to enter into a handshake with him in March 2018. He added that the peaceful environment that followed after the famous handshake helped his legacy projects.

“When we came together, didn’t we experience peace? So where is the problem? Isn’t that what we want? Don’t we want that work to continue? It is up to you. Will you make wise choices? Let us see how you will do it,” He said.

President Kenyatta challenged those that had opposed his handshake with Raila to read the signs , urging them to wake up and see the products of peace and unity. “Let us love one another as, through that, there is nothing we can’t attain as a nation. I want to tell those grumbling to watch see the benefit of oneness and peace,” the President said.

The recent developments come hot on the hills after the ODM leader was hosted by the Mt. Kenya tycoons under the auspice of Mt. Kenya Foundation. Each speaker at that function hailed Raila as a solution to Kenya’s problem and the only person who can be entrusted to protect the region’s interest.

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