Raila Odinga Makes an About turn on the Revenue Sharing Formula

ODM leader Raila Amollo Odinga has come out in public to share his sentiments on the much heated discussion on the revenue allocation formula, making an about turn on the revenue sharing formula, a subject that has created a storm not just in the senate but also the BBI progress is in dilemma as a result.

Raila who earlier own seemed to support the one shilling one man is changing tune and no longer supports the third basis revenue sharing formula. In an interview with the local Television Station, the former premier now says no county should lose funds, adding that he wasn’t aware that the report by the Commission on Revenue Allocation had been changed by the parliamentary budget committee.

“When I first wrote the statement, I had just come back from Dubai and I did not know that the initial CRA report had been changed by the committee in parliament” Raila said during an interview with NTV.

Raila Odinga also said the situation shouldn’t be that of one county winning while the other loses revenue but a win win situation.

He also said that there was no reason of implementing new formular at the moment untill the much needed resources are availed and also supports the current formular in place to continue even as the CRA works on the best formula that will benefit every county.

He urged the senate to find a more convenient formula that will suit all counties equally.

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