Raila Odinga, the leader of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) has spoken on the Uhuru-Ruto differences following the downsizing and replacement of DP’s security.

The former Premier now says that Deputy President William Ruto should resign from government if he feels unwanted and if he is not satisfied with the way Uhuru led government is being run.

The ODM leader an ally of president Uhuru has accused DP Ruto of doublespeak as far as running of the government is concerned and advised him to leave the government, insisting that he can criticise the same government he serves in.

“This is not the first time we have a vice president, my father was not fired by Kenyatta, he realised he was not being assigned duties, so he wrote his resignation to the president,” Raila said comparing the Deputy President to his father the late. Jaramogi Odinga.

He added that the DP out to be principled and resign because the future generation might judge him harshly as the DP who failed to deliver, adding that his father, Kenya’s first deputy president resigned, afraid that history would judge him harshly for earning a salary without clear roles.

Raila also used himself an example saying that he himself resigned as the Langata MP in 1994 after falling out with the then Saboti MP Michael Kijana Wamalwa over the leadership of Ford Kenya.

According to Raila, the deputy president has been hypocritical, condemning the government  for failing to deliver yet he is the second in command in the same government, and thus the honorable thing for him is to resign and let president Uhuru continue with his legacy

Raila is making a fifth attempt at the presidency and his greatest challenger is none other than William Samoei Ruto, who according to the opinion polls, is way ahead of Raila Odinga.


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