Raila Odinga tells off rivals calling him a witch doctor

Opposition leader Raila Odinga told off those calling him a witch doctor saying that there was no problem being called a ‘witch doctor’ by his rivals if that is what will make the country change for the better.

Raila said although he was not bothered by the‘mganga’ tag on him by his political opponents, it was wrong for leaders allied to Deputy President Dr. William Ruto to continue using the disrespectful remarks against him.

“I am not a witch doctor and I have never been one. Whether you abuse Raila using derogatory words or not, it will add no value to your political discourse,” said Raila.

Critics of Raila Odinga especially politicians allied to the Deputy President have been referring to him as  “yule mganga”  or  “yule mjamaa wa kitendawili”  in their political gatherings and rallies. “Witch doctors are there in society. No one has been denied the chance to visit them. What is the farce about it?” he posed.

The ODM leader who was speaking in Nyatike asked Kenyans to prepare for a major political and radical political transformation in the coming months, saying the change of the Constitution was inevitable.

“A new Kenya is signaling. You will see things happening. We are only waiting for members of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) and then President Uhuru Kenyatta and myself will give direction on the impending referendum,” said Raila.

“Time for change has come and it is real. Kenyans must decide whether they want the presidential or parliamentary system added the Ex Premier.


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