Russia unveils possible vaccine, claims victory over the Pandemic

Russian President Vladimir Putin now says that very soon the coronavirus, a pandemic that has continued wreaking havoc across the globe will soon be a thing of the past, after he declared that his country had developed coronavirus vaccine, which has been tested and found fit and effective to use, going further to even saying that one of his daughters had been inoculated.

In a Televised video conferencing calls with Government Ministers, Putin said that Russia had developed the first vaccine offering “sustainable immunity” against the coronavirus. “This morning, for the first time in the world, a vaccine against the new coronavirus was registered” in Russia. Added Putin

He further revealed that the vaccine underwent necessary tests to ensure its effective, adding that medics, teachers and other risk groups will be the first ones to be inoculated once the Large Scale production starts.

It remains to be seen whether the World Health Organisation will approve its usage and give Russia a go ahead to mass produce the vaccine given that many scientist and specialist are being skeptical about Russia’s vaccine development, claiming that the country hasn’t followed the correct procedure

Russian officials have said that large-scale production of the vaccine will start in September, and mass vaccination may begin as early as October. Russia has registered 897,599 coronavirus cases, including 15,131 deaths.

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