Shopping malls reopen in Wuhan as the city Awakens from Two months of Lock down

WUHAN, March 31 – Multiple sources report that maekrts, stalls and shopping malls in Wuhan city, the once hardest-hit city in central China’s Hubei Province during the COVID-19 outbreak, are now breathing back to life, they reopened on Monday as the city has now seen zero new reports for seven consecutive days.

 The hardest hit City in China is slowly returning to normalcy with the lock down imposed at the end of January expected to be completely lifted on April 8. This is coming as a reprieve for some 56 million people in the city and the surrounding province of Hubei who were forced to stay at home and all travel was suspended as a result of tough measures put in place by the Chinese government, to help contain the virus and reduce further spread.

A staff member (R) takes the body temperature of a sales clerk in a shopping mall in Wuhan, central China’s Hubei Province, March 30, 2020. The body temperature check on sales clerks is conducted every two hours. (Xinhua/Shen Bohan)

In an in-depth interview with the UN news, Dr. Galea, WHO’s representive in China praised the timely cooperation with the Chinese National Health Commission. He said that early and frequent exchanges resulted in sharing of the genetic sequence of the virus, as well as the specifications for designing tests so other countries would be able to identify it.

“The biggest conclusion is that China has demonstrated that the course of the outbreak can be altered. Normally, an outbreak of this nature would have exponential growth, would reach a high peak, and would then decline naturally once all susceptible people have been infected, or developed the disease.  This has not happened in China in a number of ways,” he said.

According to China’s National Health Commission, the provincial capital Wuhan has recorded just one new infection in the past week, which experts have attributed to the effectiveness of tough travel restrictions that are already having an effect in the City.

Two months later, travel restrictions are being lifted across most of Hubei province with the exception of Wuhan, with public transport services gradually resuming and people leaving the region for the first time since the restrictions were imposed.

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