Sonko condemns President Uhuru’s utterances made during his interview with vernacular radio stations

A fumed former governor Sonko has come out strongly to condemn utterances made by president Uhuru during the interview in which he spoke to the mount Kenya region through the region’s popular vernacular radio stations.

Speaking on Monday morning to his Mt Kenya backyard, President uhuru confirmed that he initiated the removal of Gov. Sonko as the county’s CEO, a move that has irked the former governor, forcing him to issue statement condemning the Head of State via his official social media accounts.

Taking to his Facebook account, Sonko criticized the president for using his native language to communicate to his people at the expense the over 50 million people. ”it is shameful for a sitting president to lie to a Section of Kenyans through his native language, in the hope that other communities will never understand what he said.” said Sonko in part of his statement.

He also told off the Head of State that it wasn’t him that made Sonko the Governor of Nairobi, stressing that he was validly elected by close to one million residents of Nairobi, garnering more votes that the President himself, and Governors are NOT Presidential appointees.

He also claimed to have inherited a badly run down city that held an endemic culture of stealing public resources at the expense of services delivery, a culture that was initiated by the President’s half-sister Margaret Kenyatta when she was the Mayor of Nairobi in 1970-1976, unverified claims that are likely to be condemned by the president’s inner circle and create a storm between Sonko and the president’s men.

”Within a few days after assuming office, I cracked down on the cartels that had held Nairobi hostage for decades, sealed all the looting avenues by digitizing revenue collection, and Nairobians began to enjoy services once again without having to offer or pay a bribe.” Sonko continued.

Sonko who appeared to indicate that his woes were as a result of his achievements in the first two years, before the cartels from Statehouse and the President’s family hatched a scheme to disrupt his administration with endless summonses by their EACC and other related agencies.

He also claimed that the president’s administration is the worst administration in Kenya’s history, urging the Head of State to own up to Kenyans that he has been incompetent and incapable of running a country from the first day, He also took swipe at the president for holding independent institutions at ransom.

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