Sossion tells teachers to ignore the new curriculum and revert back to old curriculum

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) hold on to its opposition to the new curriculum, telling teachers to ignore the new curriculum and revert back to its old curriculum, Through their Secretary General Wilson Sossion KNUT  poked holes in the review led by the Education ministry.

KNUT on Thursday stepped up its campaign against the new competency-based learning, asking its members not to teach and examine the competency-based curriculum, Instead, Mr. Sossion told teachers to revert to the old curriculum, saying the review breached law.

He stated that the new curriculum breaches the law and that the pilot phase of the project should have been evaluated first before proceeding. “In this curriculum review process, you will see many activities of corruption and it is a matter of time before it collapses,” he said.

“It sounds strange and unprofessional for the Cabinet Secretary (George Magoha) to purport to be launching the National Curriculum policy that will anchor CBC before the summative evaluation of the pilot phase of the curriculum is conducted to establish whether what was piloted is better than what was there before 8-4-4.”

Mr. Sossion said that the new curriculum policy launched by Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha on Wednesday did not involve all stakeholders. The Education Cabinet Secretary on his part said that the roll out was unstoppable and revealed that so far, 12 million books have been distributed to schools.

The Knut chief  hit out at Prof Magoha, accusing him of “being arrogant and f being arrogant and difficult to work with ”.

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