Total Kenya Embraces Solar Energy, kicks out Kenya Power

One of East Africa region’s leading supplier of Petroleum and Gas products in the oil and gas sector, total Kenya is officially going green in the energy. A move that spells doom for the struggling Kenya Power and Lightening Company which has continued to loose clients S they switch to solar energy.

The growing number of multi million and heavy consuming industries shifting to solar power in search of reliable and cheaper supply has alarmed electricity distributor Kenya Power and thus a move by Total is making it even worse.

Total Kenya has so far connected 107 of its service stations to solar energy, making it one of the biggest firms to significantly reduce its reliance on Kenya Power. The move comes at a time when solar is becoming a cheaper and more reliable bet.. this is according to Business Daily..

The Oil giant through its online outlets confirmed that it has installed over 3,390 solar panels across its services stations and is planning to have an additional 41 stations migrate to solar energy by next year.

“The solar energy powers lights, pumps, fridges, air conditioning and coffee machines, reducing reliance on the grid,” Total Kenya said in a tweet.

The firm added that the move is part of efforts to align its operations with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal number 7, which focuses on provision of sustainable, affordable, reliable and modern energy for all.

“Total remains committed to the global ambition to be CO2 emissions Net Zero by 2050. This is a step in the right direction as a broad energy major. And the solarisation of our network of stations is part of our contribution to this great objective,” the firm noted.

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