ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi is a man under siege, who has to re plot and find a winning political formula in a country where coalitions are the surest way of making it to the top. He has been consistent traversing the country to sell his candidacy and ideologies. But even as he does so, he will still need a coalition to ensure he has realistic chance of making it.

The current BBI discussion and its failure at the court of appeal storm has in a way brought DP William Ruto and Former PM Raila Odinga into a political stardom, with many Kenyans now now believing that the race will be tied down to the two politicians, Raila a Pro BBI and DP Ruto who has been silently against the BBI. iRaila has since enjoyed cordial relations with President Uhuru Kenyatta, enabling him penetrate easily the vast Mount Kenya region,  which is seen as angling towards DP Ruto. And this alone has made RAO and WSR the only front runners, meaning the rest should either partner or loose it, such is a scenario with ANC Leader

Political formations and realignments always ends with two crop of politicians; the beneficiaries and the losers. The former Vice President, a strong force in the NASA coalition which he founded needs to tread carefully to find himself in the beneficiaries’ list. Raila’s about turn move and his choice of working with the President has left Musalia Mudavadi in unfamiliar territory, the fact that NASA is also on its death bed adds salt to the injury, and thus he needs to reinvent if he is to remain relevant. He’s got one way out, swallowing his pride and embracing the president.

The only way he can come out strong is by swallowing his pride and agreeing to partner with Deputy President Dr. William Ruto and other like minded leaders to be able to take on the ‘powerful union’ between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga. His recent political statements have been leaving political observers with more questions, he indirectly seems like warming up to DP Ruto cautiously and thus indications are clear that the former vice president is plotting to shift gears and join DP Ruto’s camp even as the 2022 politics gear up.

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak in Kenya, Mudavadi was very outspoken and his incessant attacks on ODM leader Raila Odinga and COTU Sec Gen Atwoli triggered speculation he could be plotting to team up with Deputy President William Ruto.

Though he attended BBI Consultative Forum dubbed ‘Luhya Unity Rally’ that took place at Bukhungu Stadium, he initially had criticized such a meeting, and took on COTU Sec Gen Francis Atwoli for planning to auction the Luhya Community in favor of Raila.

In what has been viewed as a veiled attack on his NASA colleague Raila Odinga, the prime mover of Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), Mr. Mudavadi in an interview with Citizen TV sometimes back said that his competitors in the 2022 race had abandoned popular struggles and are now pursuing personal goals.

The former Deputy Prime Minister hinted he will form a new alliance with other like-minded individuals as Nasa appears to be dead, only alive on paper. DP Ruto has on various occasion urged the ANC Leader to team up with him.

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